Want to raise money for your club?

We can help.....ClubShop allows your club to benefit from the sale of merchandise, specifically produced to your clubs requirements.

Don’t have a budget?

That’s no problem, your club no longer needs to outlay large amounts of money to purchase large quantities of stock that ends up sitting around gathering dust. No need for stock takes or the worry of where the stock is when a new committee is appointed.

How it works?

  1. You choose the products, we customise them to suit your club

  2. You set the price.

  3. ClubShop handles the sales, paperwork and delivery then supplies the profits directly to your club with statement and payment.

  4. It’s that simple, and no locked in contracts!


Thanks for your enquiry, we will get back to you soon.


For questions about how to set-up your clubs online store, enquires about an order or for more information about our products.